Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Latest Furor Over the "Evolution" Polls

It’s recently been all over the internet and newspapers:
State Newspaper headline: “Evolution views evolving by politics.”
Huffington Post headline: “Surprising number of Americans still don’t believe in Evolution.” headline: “Poll: One-Third don’t believe in Evolution.”
What prompted me to write this missive was the last sentence in the piece – Here's a question: Do you believe in Evolution? If not, how do you account for man’s existence?”
Hmm ...
Could it be that Someone in Charge – a Purposeful Designer – called God – is the reason and Creator of man’s existence?
The God who has designed your own remarkable body – and keeps it going?
The God who has a purpose for everything including even your appendix?
The God who formed you with 17 million bits of information in each one of your human cells – and, you have more than 250 genes in each cell?
The God who orchestrated your very human brain which is the most complex arrangement of matter in the universe?
The God who gave you (as opposed to the Ape): Intellect and will, Abstract thinking skills, Ability to question, show emotion, and creativity, a Moral consciousness, and even a God consciousness?
As to this “Evolution” thing (where man evolved from an ape), if you'd like to learn more about God’s perfect plan, you're invited to watch my new 30 minute video “Understanding the Creation – KINDS.” 

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