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Jay Schabacker's varied careers--from aerospace to finance to church ministries and theology have led him to recently research and pen the uplifting book--Purposeful Design
A Cornell University education led to accomplishments on aerospace projects including work on the Apollo Moon Program at NASA's Houston Manned Space Center. Later, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the George Washington University prompted him to research and write investment newsletters and start the firm, Schabacker Investment Management. Jay, authored the investment and personal finance book--Jay Schabacker's Winning in Mutual Funds, published in 1994 by the American Management Association.
For four decades, Jay has been an enthusiastic benefactor and contributor to numerous Christian organizations and activities. A short list includes: Sunday School Superintendent (Darnestown Presbyterian , Darnestown, MD), Chairman of Board of Trustees (Central Baptist Church, Gaithersburg, MD), Board of Directors (Middle Creek Bible Conference, Gettysburg, PA), Board of Visitors (Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC), Chairman of the Board (Romanian Christian Enterprises, Washington, DC)and Chairman of the 1992 Back to GenesisWashington, D.C. Seminar sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research.
Now an enthusiastic devotee of Bible studies and things eternal, Jay travels with his wife, Nancy, to contemplate the Pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China--studying the marvels of the world around us. The book, Purposeful Design, about the wonderful world we are honored to live and work in--"the Universe all the way down to the smallest strand of DNA"--is the result of his latest research.
Jay is proud of his four daughters, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He and his wife, Nancy, now enjoy living on the shore of picturesque Lake Murray in Lexington, South Carolina, where he raises orchids and gardens. They are members of the Lexington Presbyterian Church (PCA) of Lexington, South Carolina.

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