Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Two Toothpaste Tubes

In my “Understanding the Creation” project, I studied what God has done for us, including our incredibly sophisticated mouth and its many functions – it contains thousands of nerves or taste buds to judge sensation and taste. Yes, your taste buds can tell you if you are savoring cherry pie or apple pie.
But, I didn’t really get it!
Until one night – I was tired – and to brush my teeth before bed, I picked up the Ammonium Lactate tube (it looks just like my Colgate toothpaste tube – and this night, the tubes were located right next to each other – silly me!) Yes, the Ammonium Lactate, “for dermatologic use only”, was even the same color and consistency of the Colgate – and ended up on my tooth brush.
Big surprise! My brain picked up the dangerous taste immediately – and I spit it out pronto!
Wow! I’m still alive! Miraculously protected by my Purposeful Designer!
God’s goodness to me, every second, really came home to me big time that night!
How have you experienced God’s goodness?

 The concept for this comment was taken from the book, "Purposeful Design - Understanding the Creation", Chapter 6, The Amazing Uniqueness of the Human Being.
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