Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Purposeful In Every Detail

Tell me, Mommy – About the vast oceans!

“Mommy, why are the oceans so large? If God made the oceans, why did he make them so huge – so we would have to travel such long distances, by air or water, from one continent to another? People say that the earth’s oceans make up 71% of the earth’s surface, covered by water – and land is only 29% of the earth’s surface. If we had more land, surely there would be more room for humans to live in and we would not be so crowded!”
Mom – “Well, that’s a thoughtful question. One thing I think is true – God wanted a large ocean for all the fishermen to be able to bring in a big catch of fish – daily! Yes, we humans have fish of the sea a large portion of our food diet!"
But, there is something as important! It has to do with what scientists call the Rain Cycle. Let me explain with a story:
When God was purposefully designing the dry ground and the seas in Day 3 (Genesis 1:9-13), the first in the Godhead – the Trinity – said to the second – "How large should we make the earth’s dry land and how large should we make the oceans? Should we make it half and half – 50% land and 50% ocean?"

Said the second, "No! With all due respect, we need more ocean and less land because ample rainfall on earth is so needed and important! You see, we need a lot of water to get evaporation of water from the oceans to feed the Rain Cycle – so enough rain will fall to water all the farmlands on the earth."

Said the first in the Trinity, “Well, what shall we do?”

Said the second, "With all due respect – I have calculated it. To be just right for the best results for animals and mankind, we need 71% of the earth’s surface covered by water – and 29% of the earth’s surface covered by land!"

Percent of Earth’s Surface Covered by Oceans:
80% and above     Too much ocean leads to too much evaporation – and so excessive rain –  and devastating floods!
71% exactly           The perfect balance!
60% and below     Too little ocean leads to too little evaporation – and so minimal rainfall and vast desert conditions on our earth!

"So," said the first person of the Trinity, "Let’s make it 71%."  And it was so.
 The concept for this comment was taken from the book, "Purposeful Design - Understanding the Creation", Chapter 2, Quenching the Thirsty Earth, The Rain Cycle.
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