Thursday, November 13, 2014

Running Out of Oil? Think Again!

We are not running out of oil!
Not by a long shot!  Praise God!

It seems like forever, that we and our children have been fed the fable that decaying animal and plant matter was necessary for our provision of needed oil, natural gas, and coal!
And, followers of history have been kept up to date on the concept that we would run out of this limited supply sometime – maybe sooner than later – so we in the US should conserve our limited resources and continue to seek as much oil from the Arab Oil Cartel as much as possible – even go so far as to fight wars over this “black gold” if we felt necessary.

Did we ignore a message from the Gospels, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19?
When you think of it, on the subject of energy, starting as early as the dawn of man, our God has supplied us with fire, wood for burning (heat & cooking), oil for light from the olive tree, candle light provided by animal fat and bees wax, and, of course available coal, oil, and natural gas. And, we have not run out of these resources!

So who was it that started the scare tactics that “we would soon run out of oil” back in the 1950s? The oil companies with the assistance of the Department of Energy are probably the best answer. In 1956, Shell Oil geologist, M. King Hubbert, a believer that oil somehow formed from heated and compressed organic material (dinosaurs and ferns) – over millions and millions of years, predicted that our limited resources of oil would peak in the continental United States around 1965 – 1970. He further predicted that because of oil depletion, world oil supply would peak around the year 2000 – and a big falloff would follow. Years have gone by and the warnings have continued. For instance, Kenneth S. Deffeyes, a college at Shell oil, published continual warnings – Hubberts Peak (2001), Beyond Oil (2005), and When Oil Peaked (2010).

But, believers in God know that we have a loving God “who shall supply all our needs” - - and is not about to cut us short.

So, even though many still call for “Peak Oil”, and Wikipedia still says oil comes from biomass - - it seems obvious that “We are not running out of oil!” Some thoughtful scientists have the explanation.

Deep Abiotic Oil
Thomas Gold, from Cornell University, in 1999, published the book, The Deep Hot Biosphere - the Myth of Fossil Fuels, saying oil is actually “Abiotic” meaning not involved or produced from organisms or from “fossils”. In simple language, oil is constantly being produced far below our earth’s surface, and that it is brought to attainable depth by centrifugal force of the earth’s rotation (thank you, Lord!). Hydrogen and carbon, under high temperatures and pressures, found in the mantle during the formation of the earth, form hydrocarbon molecules which gradually leak up close to the surface through cracks in rocks. This is a continuing process.

Russia accepted the theory earlier, in the 1980’s. Thus they have been the leader in exploring and proving the Abiotic Oil theory. That is one reason why they, Russia, are the world’s number one oil producer (10.9 million barrels of crude oil production per day – as of November 2012).

Top Five Countries in World Oil Production, November 2012
                                           (Barrels of crude oil produced per day)
                               Russia                                  10,900,000
                               Saudi Arabia                         9,900,000
                               United States                       8,453,000
                               Iran                                        4,231,000
                               China                                     4,073,000
                                             Source: International Energy Agency (IEA)

Today, observant folks now know that oil, gas, and coal are abundant, (if we would only drill for it) – so much that the price of gasoline in the US has dropped below $4.00 per gallon (now cheaper than a gallon of milk or a gallon of bottled water).

It might be advisable to now also consider some other of author, Thomas Gold’s, assertions:
1. Petroleum and black coal are not fossil residues but are slowly and continually being formed deep in our earth – in a process that we are just now starting to understand.

2. We have seen oil and gas fields refilling themselves, sometimes as fast as they are being drained, and many fields have already produced several times as much as earlier estimates predicted.

3. We are just not running out of oil, gas, and coal, and after intense usage over a century, we now know of more reserves than had ever been predicted in the past.

This has certainly been a long message that more and more of us should come to understand.

They don’t teach this in public school.

And yes, once again, give thanks – “for my god shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 4:19.

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