Friday, November 21, 2014

You And Your Children -- Closer to God

“Share an experience that will bring you and your children closer to God.”

Dear Friends,

It’s that season to think about what we can give to others, and hence this letter.

I wrote the book, Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation because I wanted to give to others a more positive view of themselves and of this world we are in, mostly through understanding our own astounding and loving creation.

I put together the coffee-table book; AND,  NOW a child’s creation curriculum to give moms and dads a very helpful tool in teaching their kids about how God not only made the world and the universe with incredible design and detail, HE MADE THEM with just as much care!

The book and curriculum have been received with much acclaim by all those who have had an opportunity to review and take advantage of its presentation:

Illumination Book Awards – “Shining a Light On Exemplary Christian Books”  – 2013 Bronze Medal Winner – in Education
Catholic Press Association Book Awards – 2014 Third Place Winner – Coffee Table Book     

Forward Reviews – 2013 Book of the Year – Finalist, Children’s Juvenile Nonfiction

The Schoolhouse Review Crew – 2014 Blue Ribbon Awards – Favorite Science Supplement 

You see, I believe when a child truly grasps that they were made with divine intention and with exceptional care, it builds their self-esteem, their self-confidence and helps them to do well and in life!
I have received many blessings from those who have used my curriculum—they have sent me wonderful pictures!

 “The book price is less than a dinner out for two – with far greater reaching benefits.”

This season, I want to give more. I have discounted the book and curriculum for the holidays from $24.95 to $18.95. Additionally, I am including free shipping and the ability for folks to download the free award winning curriculum from the web site.
Want to send out a number of Christmas gift books? I am offering great discounts:
2 – 9 copies - $16.22 each (35% off retail)
10 - 34 copies - $13.72 each (45% off retail)
35 – 99 copies - $11.23 each (55% off retail)
100 or more     -    $9.98 each (60% off retail)

With your order of one book, you may go to my web site:  OR  (for more books) feel free to write a check and send to me at the address below:
Jay Schabacker, 450 Yachting Road, Lexington, SC 29072

I want to sign each book for you, so please take the time to write down the name of each gift recipient, and I will gladly personalize each book.      

God Bless you this Christmas Season and in 2015!
In His Grace,
Jay Schabacker

An example from the supporting curriculum for the first chapter of PURPOSEFUL DESIGN—UNDERSTANDING THE CREATION, sent to me from another of the students—blessed me tremendously!       --Jay Schabacker

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